Current Projects

Human-AI Collaboration

Enriching communication and collaboration with AI-based tools

Proxemic Interaction Design

How position, orientation and identity enable new forms of interaction

Haptics in VR

Enhancing VR experiences with haptics and haptic illusions

Games and Leisure

Ethnographic explorations into designs of leisure technologies

Electronic Fashion

New forms of digital expression

360 Video Interaction

New interaction techniques for immersive video

Past Projects

Technologies for Teaching

Redefining learning through technology

Social Watching of Sports

Using latent social activity for efficient sports viewing

Slit-Tear Video Exploration

A novel metaphor for exploring and understanding video

Remote Embodiment for Shared Activity

Allowing others to see and understand us

Personal Informatics and Analytics

Collecting and analyzing personal data for insight and wellness

Physiotherapy for the Future

Helping the rec sports weekend warrior overcome injury

Pervasive Games and Citizen Science

Physical games in daily life for science

Mobile Video Conferencing

Next-generation interfaces for mobile video conferencing

Interaction Techniques for Mobile Devices

Enhancing input and output capabilities of mobile devices

Mixed Reality Workrooms

Connecting digital workrooms across distance

Collaborative Visual Analytics

Exploring and making sense of data with others

Mixed Reality for Collaboration

Augmenting interaction with digital information

Digital Workrooms of the Future

Designing fluid interaction techniques and applications for collaboration