Recruiting PhD Students for 2020 (12/07/19)

RICELab in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto is seeking PhD students with a strong interest in HCI/UX research, and a suitable foundation to design, build, and evaluate novel interactive experiences. Current research themes for RICELab include:

Writing Reviews for HCI (07/17/18)

My primary goal in this post is to impart my philosophy on reviewing HCI conference paper submissions. This guides how I think a review ought to be formulated – what are its constituent parts, and what is the role of each part. Thus, a secondary goal is to suggest how a review can be constructed by providing a bit of a template.

Mini-Guide to Hong Kong for DIS 2018 Friends (05/04/18)

Co-authored by Tony and Tiffany Wun

Interaction Design for 2020 (04/20/18)

I was kindly invited by Scott Bateman and Julie Maitland to give a talk at NextGenUX, which was held on April 19-20 at the University of Fredricton. This was an interesting “academia meets industry” conference that had a great set of international speakers (Julie Williamson, Bart Knijnenburg, Xing-Dong Yang, Cosmin Munteanu and Rita Orji) giving 30-45 min talks about their work, and a tutorial session the day before where we gave a fast mini-course on UX methods.

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