Recruiting PhD Students for 2020

Posted 07 Dec 2019

RICELab in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto is seeking PhD students with a strong interest in HCI/UX research, and a suitable foundation to design, build, and evaluate novel interactive experiences. Current research themes for RICELab include:

  • Mixed reality (AR/VR) interfaces and tools for collaboration;
  • Tools for sharing and learning skills, knowledge and cultural practices, and
  • Interfaces sharing experiences.

Qualified applicants would meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Completed a Masters thesis in behavioural, design, or systems aspects of HCI.
  • Interested in pursuing an HCI/UX PhD in an Information School context, building relationships across disciplines.
  • Have literacy/experience in HCI user research (quantitative/qualitative/mixed- methods and analysis), and/or HCI system design.
  • Have a professor working in HCI/UX write a letter of recommendation.

The PhD student will receive full funding through four years (stipends through TA, RA or scholarship), contingent on maintenance of good academic standing.

Interested students should explore Dr Tony Tang’s website to understand the research themes and directions of the lab ( * Please contact Tony for further discussion.

Applications into the program are due by January 15, 2020.

RICELab (Rethinking Interaction Collaboration and Engagement) Lab focuses on designing, building and evaluating novel user experiences for communication and collaboration. We are situated within the Faculty of Information, home to a diverse community of researchers that explore the intersections of information, interaction, culture, and society. We are colocated with the Knowledge Media Design Institute-Semaphore group, which also conducts human-centered research.