Data visualization on interactive surfaces: A research agenda

Petra Isenberg, Tobias Isenberg, Tobias Hesselmann, Bongshin Lee, Ulrich Von Zadow, and Anthony Tang. (2013). Data visualization on interactive surfaces: A research agenda. Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE 33, 2: 16–24.


Interactive tabletops and surfaces (ITSs) provide rich opportunities for data visualization and analysis and consequently are used increasingly in such settings. A research agenda of some of the most pressing challenges related to visualization on ITSs emerged from discussions with researchers and practitioners in human-computer interaction, computer-supported collaborative work, and a variety of visualization fields at the 2011 Workshop on Data Exploration for Interactive Surfaces (Dexis 2011)


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Data visualization,Interactive systems,Computer graphics,User interfaces,multitouch,Data visualization,Interactive systems,Computer graphics,User interfaces,computer graphics,visualization,interactive surfaces,display technology


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